A Streetcar-Scene 1 Summary

  • The reader meets the community at Elysian FieldsNew Orleans.
  • The opening paints a picture of a warm ambience created by the music played by the African American residents.
  • Depite this, the reader can notice the depressing shadow of poverty that hangs over the town, suggested by the ‘blue piano‘ which ‘expresses’ the town spirit (pg 1).
  • We meet Stanley, Stella’s husband who rushes off to his favourite game of bowling with his friend Mitch.
  • Stella soon leaves and follows him.Coincidently,  Blanche, her distant older sister arrives on stage (pg 3). She is umfamiliar with the town.
  • Eunice and the Negro Woman both attempt to make her feel welcome despite her pompous attitude.
  • When Stella returns from bowling, she  excitedly greets Blanche and after having another drink, Blanche bitterly tells Stella how after their father’s death, she had  ‘lost’ Belle Reve,their old home (12).
  • Stanley meets Blanche and suspiciously questions her, concluding that she is ‘unrefined’, the exact opposite of how she  presents herself (15).
  • Blanche tells Stanley that her husband is dead which leaves her terribly distressed.

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