A Streetcar- Scene 2 Summary

  • The blue piano plays again while Stella attempts to tell Stanley about loosing Belle Reve. Blanche is in the bathroom (pg 16).
  • Stanley suspects that Blanche is ‘[swindling]’ them because she has ‘no papers’ for  proof.
  • Stanley looses his temper and rummages through Blanche’s possessions where he finds ‘pearls’, jewellery etc.
  • This leads him to believe that Blanche is lying, has in fact sold the plantation (Belle Reve) and squandered the money (pg19).
  • Stella leaves angrily and Blanche enters to change into her clothes, noticing that her bag has been ‘unpacked’ but reacts in an  underwhelming, calm manner.
  • She claims that the ‘fox pieces’ were from an old ‘admirer’.
  • Stanley gives Blanche a cigarette and she ‘[fishes] for compliments’from Stanley. She acts rather flirtaciously towards him, complimenting his ‘judicial air’ (22).
  •  She intends to get a warmer reaction from Stanley but takes note of his lack of interest.He finds love letters from a past lover,possibly her deceased husband.
  • More letters are uncovered and she freely tells Stanley about the   thoughtless management of Belle Reve by her male relations who had often ‘exchanged…land for…fornications’ (24).
  • Stanley takes the letters from Blanche, who is adamant that she has nothing to hide. He says that he will give them to his lawyer friend.
  • Stanley mentions that Stella is pregnant which excites Blanche. Blanche congratulates Stella and they leave the flat for dinner as the boys have planned a poker night.

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